Sub Zero base 2 Podcast Recording Bundle

Sub Zero base 2 Podcast Recording Bundle

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SubZero BASE-2 Desktop Home Recording Bundle Details

Includes interface, condenser mic, reflection filter, and more
Simple setup, with plug and play technology
Create outstanding vocal recordings, with crystal clear audio
Comfortable, closed headphones for effective sound isolation
The SubZero Base-2 Desktop Home Studio Pack is the ultimate all-in-one studio solution. The pack includes the SubZero AI2 audio interface, SZC-300 condenser microphone, SubZero monitoring headphones, desktop stand and much more! Simply plug your mics and instruments into either of the combination inputs and hit record on your favourite DAW. Providing you with professional specs, you will capture high resolution sound with the added bonus of zero latency monitoring and preamps with +48v phantom power. Suitable for many different recording projects, this fundamental studio equipment can record podcasts, singing and even acoustic instruments. Get your voice out there with a SubZero Base-2 Home Recording Studio Bundle!

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