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New Look, New Sound!

How do you like our new look Podcast Image?

We felt it was necessary to brand the podcast In line with the website and also the quality of the guests we have on the show. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have tried to keep the podcast as fun, entertaining, informational and educational as possible by introducing you to great guests from a variety of backgrounds. We feel that the guests have been of such quality and provided some great content to the many listeners stuck working from home in this time that our interest in their personal qualities must be met with our own hence the professional revamp. Further to the Project Pod UK Podcast Avatar we have been looking into ways in which we can really boost the audio quality for tour pleasure.

Having set up Project Pod prior to the lockdown the intent was too have guest interviews face to face but due to the restrictions by the government once we hit lock down that became an obvious no go zone. Undeterred we still wanted to go ahead with the show so decided to interview guests via a remote connection which was a great idea, however not without a cost to audio quality. Unfortunately the majority of the population are running multiple devices in one household via WiFi therefore putting a huge strain on bandwidth throughout the UK, this can mean ugly things when it comes to recording with guests such as overlapping of Voices or even delays (gaps) in audio. Further to this our guests don’t have the professional recording equipment like ourselves and we have noticed a range of background noise, crackling and other audio pick up which can spoil the podcast experience, Even with post production tools, there is a limit on what can be fixed.

We have gone to lengths to put a few things in place to improve the audio quality starting from episode 11, I hope you guys can stick with us through this period and begin to enjoy some more high quality guests and conversations with the high quality recordings to match.

Stay Tuned...

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