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A message from the Host - Richard Horvath

The Infotainment Podcast

Hello and Welcome to Project Pod UK. I started out Podcasting early 2018 as a bit of an experiment, after listening to numerous podcasts I felt that it was a great medium to share my personal stories, experiences and thoughts with like minded people. Although this was great and an I suppose actually an outlet for myself, the theme of the show and it’s content started to become limited. I was beginning to cover old ground. I hadn’t put any thought or real planning into the show, there was no structure and I had never really put a long term plan or goal in place. I made the decision - and it wasn’t an easy one as I had gained a very nice listener base, to start a fresh. In my mind Project Pod was born, an infotainment completely guest based podcast. The plan, to educate and entertain, a fresh podcast which would be informational but also lighthearted and entertaining. Amazing guests  interviewed from a variance of backgrounds to share their stories, achievements, helpful tips and advice with myself and the listeners. Having listeners learn something new, maybe find some motivation, ways to enhance their lives whilst also being uplifted through laughter was the major goal. This is where I came up with the mission statement - Listen, Learn and Laugh.Whilst organising my guests, COVID-19 had started bringing the world to its knees and before long, we were in lockdown here in the UK. Undeterred, in-fact now more determined to start Project Pod I found the way to continue with my guests connecting remotely with me to record our shows. The audio clarity may not be as clear but i really wanted to put some good content out to curb that boredom which many are starting to feel now working from home, unable to leave the house for nothing less than essentials and an hour of excersize. I hope you all benefit from the show in some way, shape or form.Thank you and enjoy!


The Show

When developing the show we took into consideration what listeners want from a podcast. It’s quite clear from the success of Shows such as JRE that listeners enjoy podcasts which produces new informational content, achieved through the acquisition of great guests.We put a range of guests together from all different backgrounds and walks of life to give their take on current situations, help and advice and insights into their lives and accomplishments.Everybody has different takes on life and how to live it to the fullest, with a multitude of guests comes a multitude of knowledge. We hope that from every podcast somebody can come away feeling a little more educated, more enlightened or just simply entertained.
The Fun Stuff......
We start the show with a “get to know the guest in 60 seconds” a quick fire question segment. The reason for this is threefold;

it’s fun - listeners can play along and think of how they would answer the same questions.
It’s informational - it allows us to find out things that you probably wouldn’t have known about the guest from prior more serious interviews
It breaks the ice - We are able to relax our guests in to the podcast by asking a few wacky questions and having them feel comfortable and not take the show too seriously. 
The Quiz!
At the end of the show we test our guests general knowledge with a 60 second quiz segment.The aim is simple, get as many correct questions correct as possible in 60 seconds, the leader at the end of the series becomes the series quiz champion. Sounds simple but that clock runs down quickly and under pressure we often see the guests crumble! Play along at home and see if you can beat our guests. 


Where to find us

The platforms

Project Pod UK can be found on all the Key Podcast Platforms including the following;
Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Anchor, Podbean, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Radio Public
Project Pod UK is also available on YouTube. Please use the link below to check us out for all episodes of the normal show plus bonus video content and interviews. 


Subscribe, Rate and Comment

This is one of our most important values. It’s really makes a big difference for our understanding of what the listeners want.We are dedicated to making this a great Podcast, the only way to do that is by our listeners passing on our name to friends, family and colleagues and sharing our shows on social media. Subscriptions are also hugely important so we can see the geographic and demographic reach to really home in on our audience and continue to provide great content based on this information.


Our promise to you

With all ratings, reviews and feedback we promise to make this podcast the best possible experience for all of our listeners.Without you there would be no podcast, this show is not just ours but also yours.We will take any constructive feedback and filter that into our shows moving forward.Don’t be shy to leave those comments guys...

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Our guests

The Guest on our show are hand picked for your pleasure.
We believe that the quality of the Podcast lies within the guest.
From Athletes, to personal trainer, life coaches, mental health experts, singers and nutritionists - Season 1 of Project Pod UK has a little something for everybody.
See our guest page to hear more !


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